Visualise Yourself

Visualisation is an extremely effective tool utilised by highly successful people in all fields.

Whether it be athletes or business people, they implement visualisation techniques into their life regularly.

This is a technique I also use with my clients.

It can be used in a number of ways.

Firstly, they can visualise themselves looking and feeling healthy, performing at their peak, being happy in their own skin; achieving their goals.

Another tactic we implement at FNC is when the client is faced with temptation, or a path with 2 choices. The 2 choices being making healthy or unhealthy nutritional choices. Whether it be binge eating, ordering take out, not preparing meals; we constantly find ourselves having to make choices.

How does visualisation help us make the right choice?

Step 1. The Fork In The Road.
Identify your 2 options, often the healthy and the unhealthy. Order take out or cook dinner, give in to your sugar cravings or eat a piece of fruit, sit on the couch or go to the gym, meal prep or eat out for lunch.

Step 2. Visualise yourself making the poor decision
Write down how you will feel after making that decision. Guilty, angry, annoyed. How will you feel 2 hours after that? Sad, depressed. How about the next day? Don't even want to think about it. The more upset and ashamed we are of the decision we made, the more likely we are to fall into a downward spiral of bad decisions and self sabotage.

Step 3. Visualise yourself making the healthy decision
Write down how you will feel after making that decision. Happy, energised. How will you feel 2 hours after that? Proud. How about the next day? Confident that you are able to make positive choices that will help you achieve your goals.

Step 4. Weigh up your options
Which path is aligned with your goals? Which path will get you there quicker?


The first step in the right direction is hard, but it is easier than a step in the wrong direction if you want to achieve your goals. The more often we make the right choice, the easier it is going to become.

Visualising yourself making decisions is an important step towards getting where you want to be in your life, your career, your sport and your health.