What is willpower? Is it infinite? Can it be trained like a muscle?

Determination. Drive. Resolve. Self-discipline. Self-control. Resilience. Can-do spirit. The ability to delay gratification, resisting short-term temptations in order to meet long-term goals.

We used to think that willpower was a limited resource.  Researchers also suggest that we should limit our options to conserve willpower. It can be fatigued, hence why it is important to reduce the amount of decisions or times when temptation is present.

Willpower is a muscle, it can be strengthened

In the studies on willpower, one thing really stands out. It was surprisingly simple to boost. Merely suggesting to people that willpower works cumulatively, rather than being a finite resource, was enough to improve the numbers.

Tough things can motivate someone to do more tough things. As the saying goes, nothing seems to succeed like success. The more you exert willpower, the better you’ll do on subsequent tasks requiring willpower.

Therefore it can be justified that Willpower is not a muscle, it is a skill ...