Do You Need To Detox?

Do you need to detox?


You own a pub, things are going really well but of course little problems happen from time to time. Eg - a little fight between customers, a customer is served the wrong meal, you have a busy night and are above capacity resulting in long lines for the bar and bathrooms.


You see an ad on social media telling you that all these little issues, that are probably just part of owning a pub, could be solved by detoxing your pub. You’re told that you have a toxic environment and just need to remove toxins and your pub will operate smoothly all the time. Perfect - where do I sign.


The detox plan tells you to immediately stop serving food, alcohol and coffee. These are full of toxins which are causing your bar problems and stopping it from operating optimally. You don’t have to stop serving them forever, just for 21 days. Then you bar should be free of toxins and you can then reintroduce alcohol, caffeine and food as now your bar will be better equipped to deal with those toxic products.


You do as the plan says which leaves you with only juice and water to serve. Amazingly, the issues you were concerned about disappear almost immediately - no more fights, no more wrong meals served to customers, no more long lines for bathrooms or the bar.


Unfortunately, you are left with new, much bigger problems. You have hardly any customers and your bar sucks. Your few loyal customers who stuck by you through the detox have lost weight but have wasted away their lean muscle mass because you didn’t serve anything with protein in it and they had no energy to exercise. They’re miserable and are ready to start a massive food binge from the donut shop next door and blow out their weight above pre-detox numbers.


You realise that the detox plan didn’t actually explain which toxins were going to be eliminated and why, that they made big claims without actually backing it up with some evidence, that they didn’t provide a long term plan for sustainable bar health. You realise that with some minor improvements from the start, like controlling entry and not going over capacity, asking aggressive customers to leave and an improved meal ordering system, you would have your bar operating exceptionally well without a drastic 21 day detox.


Researchers concluded a review in 2017 with “there is currently no evidence to support the use of commercial detox diets for removing toxic

substances from the body”.

Don’t be fooled!