Health is more than your body fat percentage

Health is more than just your blood work or your body fat percentage. Total health encompasses many factors like social, economic, and mental health. 

Often to improve one aspect focus will need to be dedicated to one area in the short term at the expense of another. 

For example, if you have a high-level dieting goal in mind, your social health will almost certainly suffer as your freedom to eat and drink is reduced through the process aligning with the goal. 

Or if you seek a promotion at work, your physical health might suffer as your working hours become extended leaving little room for training as much as you'd like. 

Of course, nothing comes for free of trade off's, and it's all part of achieving something worthwhile doing. But knowing when to stop and have a maintenance phase at balance is the key important for long term health and happiness. It's easy for one area of health to get taken too far, and all of a sudden another area is in desperate need of attention. 

Setting logical time frames, expectations and having a plan to go back to 'balance' after the dedicated phase of focusing on one area is important to long term total health and happiness.