Low Calorie Food Swaps

Understanding and considering 'calories per bite' when selecting foods can be a great 'bang for buck' way to help facilitate a reduction in calories for the goal of fat loss. 

If pasta is something you love but you struggle to fit a 'satisfactory' amount within your calorie allotment and/or are looking for easy ways to reduce your intake without impacting the amount of food you can actually eat. Then swapping pasta for zucchini is a great idea. 

Swapping from 250g of cooked pasta (cooked amount to keep things unbias) to 250g of zucchini, yields a Calorie saving of 369. 

This food swap also provides about 3 servings of vegetables (1 serve = 75), therefore assisting in meeting a sufficient intake of plant fibre, vitamins, and minerals, while mitigating the effects of hunger that can impact your ability to adhere to a fat loss style of eating

zucchini pasta-02.jpg