Hello — it's great to meet you. I bet you're wondering where we go from here ...

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"Since joining  Team FNC my knowledge and understanding of the importance of specific nutrition, timing and portion control has improved dramatically. 

I’ve tried different things and methods throughout my athletic career and to say it has been an easy run would be a lie. Since meeting josh I’ve never looked back. I’ve really found what works for me since I joined the team. It’s simple, straight forward and not a stress to follow. It takes time but I feel like I’m getting to where I want to be physically and aesthetically. Josh and the FNC team have made a massive positive impact on my lifestyle and I’m very thankful for all the support"

- Courtney FitzHarris, CrossFit Pacific Regionals athlete

"Leading into regionals I started working with FNC and it's the best choice I've made this season.

It's changed my energy levels and kept me well fuelled. The 24/7 service Josh provides is unheard of. Breakfast, lunch and dinner, Josh was there to answer my questions. I cannot wait to continue working with Fortitude for the 2019 CrossFit season"

- Jesse Burns, CrossFit Pacific Regionals athlete