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"One of the biggest changes I made outside the gym for the 2018 season was a more diligent approach to nutrition. 

Having Joshy to keep me accountable and help make what I ate super simple worked wonders on my recovery, allowing me to train with much higher volume and far fewer aches, pains and niggles. However as any nutrition plan should, I rarely felt limited in what I ate and was still able to enjoy my food and lifestyle. Josh’s nutrition advice during competition also played a huge role in my 2018 successes, helping me recover from each event and bounce back for the next one"

- Khan Porter, CrossFit Games athlete

"Josh has been invaluable in my recent success during the 2018 CrossFit season. 

He is passionate about what he does and who he helps. What I love the most is that his passion for helping people has come from his own experience. A great coach (I believe) has both positive and negative experiences which makes them able to relate to so many different people. 

I have always eaten well and have been doing CrossFit for many years but since being involved with Josh, he was able to assist in my performance by simply by making some adjustments to the timing of my meals. As a by- product my body composition also changed without affecting my weight which was important to me. 

Josh has done more than support my nutritional health. During the CrossFit season, while we would have our “catch ups” he was a sounding board and allowed me to talk through non-nutritional related concerns. Josh is my nutrition coach, yes; but also has taken on a role of a friend"

- Justine Beath, CrossFit Games athlete



"Josh from Fortitude Nutrition Coaching has helped educate me and put my nutrition goals into action.

The blogs that are on the fortitude website are an untapped wealth of knowledge about relevant nutritional guidance that have helped me gain a better scope of nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle in and out of season!"

- Steph Ortiz, CrossFit Pacific Regionals athlete

"Leading into regionals I started working with FNC and it's the best choice I've made this season.

It's changed my energy levels and kept me well fuelled. The 24/7 service Josh provides is unheard of. Breakfast, lunch and dinner, Josh was there to answer my questions. I cannot wait to continue working with Fortitude for the 2019 CrossFit season"

- Jesse Burns, CrossFit Pacific Regionals athlete



"Since joining  Team FNC my knowledge and understanding of the importance of specific nutrition, timing and portion control has improved dramatically. 

I’ve tried different things and methods throughout my athletic career and to say it has been an easy run would be a lie. I did develop a bad relationship with food when I was younger only due to the fact of being told so many different things of what is “good” and what is “bad”. Since meeting josh I’ve never looked back. I’ve really found what works for me since I joined the team. It’s simple, straight forward and not a stress to follow. It takes time but I feel like I’m getting to where I want to be physically and aesthetically. Josh and the FNC team have made a massive positive impact on my lifestyle and I’m very thankful for all the support"

- Courtney FitzHarris, CrossFit Pacific Regionals athlete


"I initially started working with FNC to improve my body composition. They educated me on the importance of eating real food and how easy it was to prepare my own meals.

Through slowly improving my habits and going through a consistent 2 month period of following their guidelines I noticed that not only did I get a lot leaner, but other areas of my life improved too. I have experienced patella pain when squatting for the last 10 years yet noticed my knees were less inflamed and I was able to perform without pain for increased volume. My strength increased and I hit PBs in a number of lifts for the first time in a long time. I also noticed my mood was more consistent. My performance both in and out of the gym improved as a result and my body composition was an added bonus"

- Beau Bo, FNC client

"Josh managed to customise a flexible meal plan for me that I can use whilst travelling, shift work and juggling 3 small children.

My goal wasn't necessarily to lose kilos on the scales, it was simply to lean down. I have a sweet tooth and a peanut butter smoothie addiction, but I can honestly say I haven't craved or felt as though I have missed out on any of my favourite foods. Josh is always happy to answer any of my questions and offer suggestions and support whenever required.”

- Penny, FNC client



"I joined the FNC community to improve my CrossFit performance, and the result has been better than expected. 

We test every 12 weeks and I had been consistently making acceptable improvements over the past year. 5 weeks into the last test period I started following FNC’s guidance and the improvement was amazing. I PR’d my Olympic lifts, but more excitingly with a test WOD I completed 256 reps in the time limit compared to 180 reps for the same WOD just 12 weeks earlier, a 42% improvement. 

The other benefit is the volume of training I can do now and how fast I’m healing. At 58 I’m able to train 6 and 7 days a week, and doing most of the WOD’s RX with the others. At the start, I told FNC I wasn’t looking to lose weight, if it happened it happened. I haven’t lost weight but I have become leaner and stronger with all my clothes now fitting me much better  These have not been the biggest gains though. I am weening myself of medications and I’m suffering minimal side effects. Also, I have chronic health issues that nearly caused me to stop working about 18mths ago and since combining CrossFit and FNC’s nutrition guidelines I’ve improved 50% or more and I’m saving a lot on supplements.

What is great about FNC’s guidance is that it is simple to follow and very sensible in terms of it being based on the fundamentals of good nutrition. I still have plenty of room for improvement with the ‘pro chocolate and ice cream’ feelings still gaining control on too many occasions, but Josh helps get you back on track. Hence it is without hesitation I recommend FNC Nutrition" 

- David Elk, FNC client


"I have been guided by Josh for the past 5 weeks now and the all results I have been getting are very impressive. 

I have always trained consistently throughout my life, but was very balanced/relaxed with my nutrition. No preparation, planning or timing of when to eat what food. Josh has tweaked everything for me and I couldn’t be happier. My body composition has changed dramatically, I don’t turn up the gym lethargic, I am switched on at work and I’m less stressed at home. I would definitely recommend Josh and the team for anything nutrition related!"

- Martin Lorella, FNC client

"I have been following FNC for 1 month now and under Josh's excellent guidance and advice I have never found eating well and fuelling my body so easy!

Not only have I noticed physical changes, losing about 5kg, but also changes in my performance both training and competing, as I am no longer feeling heavy and sluggish working out because I am fuelling my body properly. I haven't been able to PB my 1RM back squat in nearly 2 years, and after 3 weeks in FNC program I had a testing week and PB'd by 5kg. The FNC formula is super easy to follow, and my favourite part is that it allows e to create my own meals that fit within the formula, allowing me to still eat foods I enjoy!"

- Lucy Savona, FNC client



"I first meet Josh in April 2018 after hearing who he'd been working with, knowing their background in CrossFit, knew this was for me. 

I'm 52 and considered a masters athlete. I'd been improving my numbers with the Opens as years go by and recently finished 215 in the 50-54 age group. 15 short of next stage qualifying. My goal is the games in 2019 / 20 and I know with FNC help and guidance I will get there. 

Throughout our consults Josh has had my goals in mind. I was daunted by tracking food but as the days went by it was easy kept my journal with me all the time. With Josh's minimalist approach to measuring it was easy. After discussing fundamentals, our follow up sessions discuss what worked/hasn't work, particularly during, before and after training...recovery and fuelling for my training has become the most important thing food wise For me it was a natural progression to document a lot more sleep, recovery, quality of training, extras and to be aware of different foods to consume and their affect on training

I speak with Josh or Ryan regularly and not always food related, just to have positive people there who believe in you and offer encouragement and advice willingly. Its easy to say it's too hard, .I'll start tomorrow or next week. Its not hard at all and once the pattern has started just keep going, it will become easy. To actually see what is going in your mouth and what you can get out of your body will make you so happy with yourself ... I'm hoping this gives a lot of people some relief that if a 52 year old guy who feels is in the best shape of his life and IMPROVING all because of a few minor adjustments, that you can do it too"

- John Horne, FNC client

"After plateauing in my training and quickly losing motivation, I decided it was time to see Josh to see if my nutrition could turn things around. 

Initially, the changes I had to make were around nutrient timing and learning how to fuel my body properly to get the results I wanted in strength AND conditioning. Since making small changes and practicing positive nutrition habits consistently, I’ve seen so many changes in and out of the gym: I have so much more energy and less cravings My mood swings have decreased and my general mood is much more positive I can make educated decisions especially when I’m under pressure or stress I’ve learnt to plan ahead and this has helped me stick to my goals But more than anything, I’ve been able to track my progress through my training rather than through the scales, meeting PRs on a regular basis and just feeling better. I’ve had such a toxic relationship with food for most of my life and I can confidently say that FNC has turned this around - the perfect balance of knowledge and support"

- Natalina Sophie, FNC client



"I can’t express my gratitude towards Josh enough for the knowledge that I have gained since I started working with him. 

I am someone who has always been in to my exercise and nutrition, however I turned to Josh as I was stuck with how to improve my overall body composition. Josh has made me more accountable, and with his constant guidance I am leaner than I have ever been, I am eating more food than I have ever eaten, my energy levels are better than they have ever been and I am constantly hitting PBs in the gym. It is amazing what your body can do when it is fuelled correctly with the right food at the right time. I would highly recommend Fortitude Nutrition to anyone!!"

- Logan Thorpe, FNC client