Learn how to create sustainable change through fundamental nutritional practices

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We believe you should understand everything we teach so you're able to take what we teach and use these skills for the rest of your life.

Nutrition plays a vital role in our physical, mental, and emotional health so our aim is to provide you with the tools necessary to create positive nutritional habits that align with both your short and long term goals. Knowledge is power and we want to give you the tools to help achieve your physical, mental and athletic goals.


Want to take control of your nutrition but not sure where to start? We can help ...


We offer a range of 1-on-1 and group coaching services. Each of our plans are customised to personally suit you, your lifestyle, your current practices and goals



"One of the biggest changes I made outside the gym for the 2018 season was a more diligent approach to nutrition. 

Having Joshy to keep me accountable and help make what I ate super simple worked wonders on my recovery, allowing me to train with much higher volume and far fewer aches, pains and niggles. However as any nutrition plan should, I rarely felt limited in what I ate and was still able to enjoy my food and lifestyle. Josh’s nutrition advice during competition also played a huge role in my 2018 successes, helping me recover from each event and bounce back for the next one"

- Khan Porter, CrossFit Games athlete