This is a place for people with big hearts and big goals. People who are ready to take steps forward. People who will do anything to achieve their physical, mental and athletic goals

If this sounds like you … we need to talk!

Our Story


Fortitude Nutrition Coaching was created by Josh Smith, an ex teacher, whose aim was to clear up any conflicting and confusing messages surrounding nutrition. 

With endless fad diets restricting certain macronutrients or food items, Josh intended to use his education background to teach individuals and the wider community on the role nutrition has to play in their lives. Since its creation, Fortitude Nutrition Coaching has worked with a range of individuals to help them achieve their health and fitness goals through one on one coaching and group seminars.

The Fortitude Way

We are an education based nutrition company. Our aim is to educate our members and wider community on the benefits fundamental nutrition practices can have on all areas of their life. 

We believe all foods have a role to play in day to day life and an individual can utilise them for the desired function through consistently mindful choices. We provide support and accountability to each one of our members and are with them every step of the way ... to coach, collaborate, strategise and to help overcome barriers they may face along the road towards reaching their goals.

At Fortitude Nutrition Coaching, we use a habit based approach to help our members create sustainable change and a foundation of nutritional practices they can use for life. 

Our Coaches


Josh Smith, Owner & Head Coach

An ex musician and school teacher who lived a previously less than healthy lifestyle. After a life changing accident, Josh vowed to never take his health or fitness for granted again. Through practicing fundamental nutrition, he noticed a range of health issues cleared up and performance in many areas of life improved. Josh found copious amounts of conflicting information surrounding nutrition and created a company that purposes to educate people on how they can use nutrition to improve their lives. 

He transitioned from a life of a touring musician to one of health and fitness in his late 20s and hasn’t looked back. Josh works with elite level Crossfit athletes such as Khan Porter, Justine Beath, Jesse Burns, Marnie Sykes, Courtney FitzHarris, Luke Fiso, Emma Wright and Steph Ortiz.


Ryan Gentle, Coach

Long term friend of Josh, Ryan spent 4 years overseas after leaving a life of a police officer. Self-described as a stereotypical policemen, Ryan took advantage of the discounts available to the law enforcing role and put on 13kgs in just a few years. 

Whilst traveling Europe as a group educator, Ryan undertook his own health and fitness journey. Practicing fundamental nutrition practices and consistently making choices that were aligned with his goals, Ryan saw the weight drop and other areas of his life improve. Remaining in contact with Josh, he showed an interest in studying nutrition and later jumped on board with FNC. Ryan uses his group education expertise to co-host FNC group seminars, whilst also working one on one with clients.


Sammy Drescher, Coach

Sammy has lived the athlete life since she was a kid. Playing high-level Basketball was a dream she chased whilst living away from home. She was working as a personal trainer and realised that the health and fitness journey doesn't start or end in the gym. She enrolled in Studying a bachelor of nutrition and dietetics as she felt it aligned with her goals of educating people about the importance of nutrition in not only athletic performance but more importantly general life and found a real passion in women's specific health and nutrition in the process. Through the world of CrossFit Sammy came in contact with Josh, expressing an interest in jumping on board with FNC.


Mackenzie Baker, Coach

Mac's interests in training began for the purpose of mountain bike racing but later shifted towards aesthetics during his brief time in the fashion industry. Unhappy with the lack of progress he had made, instead of giving up, through ridiculous levels of frustration he developed a passion for understanding what’s really required to improve the way he looked and felt through diet and training. As Mac learned & experienced more, he quickly realised the magnitude of impact ones diet has, so his attention fell deeper into that side of things.

While Mac takes great pride in any transformations he has helped obtain for himself and his clients, he believe the role of a coach shouldn't be to simply get a before and after photo. While results certainly matter, Mac feels education is required to develop long term diet autonomy, improving how someone views food is imperative to create sustainable habits that allow a dieter to be healthier and leaner for life.


"Josh from Fortitude Nutrition Coaching has helped educate me and put my nutrition goals into action.

The blogs that are on the fortitude website are an untapped wealth of knowledge about relevant nutritional guidance that have helped me gain a better scope of nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle in and out of season!"

- Steph Ortiz, CrossFit Pacific Regionals athlete


"Josh has been invaluable in my recent success during the 2018 CrossFit season. 

He is passionate about what he does and who he helps. What I love the most is that his passion for helping people has come from his own experience. A great coach (I believe) has both positive and negative experiences which makes them able to relate to so many different people. 

I have always eaten well and have been doing CrossFit for many years but since being involved with Josh, he was able to assist in my performance by simply by making some adjustments to the timing of my meals. As a by- product my body composition also changed without affecting my weight which was important to me. 

Josh has done more than support my nutritional health. During the CrossFit season, while we would have our “catch ups” he was a sounding board and allowed me to talk through non-nutritional related concerns. Josh is my nutrition coach, yes; but also has taken on a role of a friend"

- Justine Beath, CrossFit Games athlete